Ornn can't upgrade an item if the first one was sold

about a week ago I was in aram, the ornn upgraded the wrong item (Iceborn instead of abyssal) so, in late game I sold upgraded iceborn, bought the downgrade version, and he was going to upgrade my abyssal mask. problem is, he actually could not, as the game said he already upgraded an item on me, he also couldn't fix the iceborn.. so in late game I actually got weaker can I just get some agency in this interaction? like, let me as a player upgrade the item i want when i'm near ornn to reproduce this bug, go with an ornn into aram. Get two upgradable items that might be seen together (Maybe like a black cleaver and an IE would also be a good one to check since some champs do those together, ghostblade and cleaver as well would be good) upgrade one, let's say upgrade the less desirable one, and then sell it to upgrade the other, let's say the more desirable one. you wont be able to have that second item upgraded. it may have been a specific bug, See I went tank ekko since the only viable way to do it is with an ornn for that little bump of stats. he upgraded the iceborn instead of the abyssal, but I needed more HP and MR for the fight and not so much armor.

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