[GAMEPLAY] Ctrl + Right-Click After Shaco Ult unresponsive

Immediately after casting, I typically attempt to move the clone first toward my target and then Shaco himself. But after casting R and holding ctrl, Shaco still seems to get moved first. The Ctrl + Right-click control override should become active immediately after the vanish portion of Shaco's ult, so that as soon as the Clone exists, all ctrl+clicks command it instead of Shaco himself. But there is a delay in the first 0.5-1.0 seconds after casting that it doesn't work. It works correctly after the first moments, but during that small window I'm issuing incorrect orders despite holding Ctrl. The previous version of Hallucinate without the directional cast didn't have this issue if I remember correctly. But it has become a bit more unwieldy since then. EDIT: To clarify, this is on Mac, but may also happen on PC.
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