[GAMEPLAY] - yasuo e bug after ulting illaoi

Today i played yasuo top against an illaoi, not a fun lane to start, it was only made worst when i tried to ult her one time close to my tower. my ult went off fine but when i finish the ult i tried to Q E and that would have kill her but my e failed so i pressed it again and again until she just aa'd me to dead. she survived by l00 hp. the same thing happened later when i tried to ult her and e back under inhib tower. i ult her then try to e but cant. i die. this game finished at 4:40 pm EST 1-29-16 and i would like to hear if riot knows about it and what their plans are on when to fix it. Considering this was in ranked i would very much appreciate getting some or all of my lp back. just happened again today, 7:30pm EST 2-1-2016 while playing against a zed...still no fix or acknowledgement of the bug.
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