Loading Screen Bug

Starting last night - when a game launches it launches to a white screen for a while... if it makes it to the actual loading screen the little loading thing in the bottom right hand corner isn't moving and none of the players info loads just the container for it. Other option is a white screen with a pop-up that says I have been disconnected. For the first few games I thought it was never going to load so I quit to relaunch - every time I relaunch it says it needs to patch and does a ~4mb patch then if the game is still going it relaunches and repeats the process. Today I decided to see how it worked with the practice tool - same problem but if I left it open long enough if finally launched the game - practice tool no problem - another mode the game would have been half over and I would have already ruined it for other team mates... any help? tl;dr - launch screen no longer works properly and only loads into the game sometimes.

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