[Gameplay] Pink Ward Affecting Champion Abilties

_Provided Evidence is not of my own._ _Credit Belongs to **Pink Ward** and **Sempervivum**_ Sempervivum Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/Gudginable) Pink Ward Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmSfdtegCsyBe8qCnRu-ijw) I will be testing whether this bug is consistent behavior and on a variety of champions tonight at 2200 EST on the NA Server. Upon the destruction of a Pink Ward the debris of the Pink Ward will be able to proc Crowd control from a Thresh Death Sentence and draw aggro from Shaco's boxes. Best tested with trap based champions {{champion:35}} for easier replication assuming all non controllable champion created minions are affected by this. 1. Place Ally Pink Ward 2. Have Enemy Champion Reduce the Ward to 1 HP 3. Have Ally Place a Trap/Minion Next to Pink 4. Have Enemy Champion Aggro the Trap/Minion 5. Have Enemy Champion Destroy the Pink and walk away After this the Trap/Minion should switch targets to the Pink Ward. Shaco's Box auto's pink in last tick of life after Pink Dies between 7m23 & 7m25 https://youtu.be/Dt46Aa_LXrU?t=7m23s For Skill Shot CC {{champion:412}} its a similar process 1. Place Ally Pink Ward 2. Have Enemy Champion Reduce the Ward to 1 HP 3. Have Ally Use Skillshot on Enemy Champion as the Enemy Champion Destroys the Ward. This should Result in the CC effecting the Pink Ward's Debris and leaving the Enemy Champion unscathed. EDIT: TEST Trails: Shaco Interaction Recreation: Failure 3 Attempts to recreate the Shaco Box Pink Ward Bug all ended in Failure Location: Scuttle Crab Spawn Near Rift Herald Champions Involved: Shaco Lv 1 and Fizz Lv1 (Using Playful trickster to try and redirect Box focus). Thresh Hook Interaction: Failure 5 Attempts to recreate the Thresh Hook interaction Location: 2 At video Clip location, 3 within Scuttle Spawn Near Rift Herald Champions: Thresh Lv 1 and Tryndamere Lv1

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