Getting stuck in the wall when trying to jump over it with Leona.

So pretty simple, we were doing drake, the enemy bot starts making its way over, I max range e over the wall, i was in the pit and the wall i was jumping was the thickest wall of the pit of the bot side of it, and as my e hit ashe and i moved over the wall, the enemy Nami used ult, and somehow she hit me as i was coming out of the wall and send me right back in,l where i got stuck for a few seconds. This is the game where it happened in, (from my match history) feral one Summoner's Rift Ranked (Draft Mode) 27:11 11/23/2019 A+ / +186 XP The fight at drake happened at like min 11 and i was stuck for about 2-3s but i still believe we lost that fight because of it.
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