A list of every known Yorick bug as of patch 8.12

Myself and NinetalesOCE who are two of the biggest Yorick players have been working on a list of all of Yoricks current bugs as of patch 8.12, some you may see often from your 1% of games that include a Yorick, so get your Yorick bugs bingo cards ready for that small chance you see someone crazy enough to pick him : ) **General** **Loading Screen:** **Yo Rick:** in the tab menu “Yorick” is shown as “Yo rick” this includes player names such as Tradie Yorick, Undertaker Yorick and Arclight Yorick. (which if you are an unlucky bastard like me and have 3 accounts named after Yorick well it gets annoying) this used to be an issue in loading screen but it seems the issue was resolved. **Runes** **Ravenous Hunter:** Ghouls or the Maiden do not benefit from lifesteal. Ravenous Hunter is coded to affect everything that isn’t affected by lifesteal, yet for some reason the Ghouls do not benefit at ALL from the sustain provided by the rune and instead only affects Yorick’s E, %health damage from his ultimate and interaction with other runes such as Conq. **In Combat Runes:** Pretty sure it’s intended but worth mentioning, runes like Hail of Blades and Predator (and items like Mobility Boots) are somewhat difficult to use on Yorick because they are either postponed or interrupted by having the Ghouls or Maiden of the Mist engaging in combat. **Sudden Impact:** Yorick can’t use this rune, The Ghouls have a jump too you know which is even stopped by the grounding effect on Singed and Cassio's W. **Abilities** **Passive:** **Ghouls don't update stats:** With the new change on 8.12, the ghouls have updating attack damage which is terrific. If you raise Ghouls at level one and then they stay alive til level four, they will have the attack damage of Ghouls that are raised at level four (yay). Unfortunately, it seems that they only update their attack damage and not their attack speed or health as well. Instead of having 0.62 attack speed at level 4, the surviving ghouls will still have the base 0.5 value from when they are raised. It seems they do not level up the ghouls but merely just update their AD to match what it should be at that level. **Grave Spawning Fail:** Sometimes Yorick’s passive will not spawn a grave when a nearby jungle monster dies but it will still consume the passive charge. **Inconsistent Range:** Graves created from a nearby enemy champion dying have a shorter despawn range than graves created by last hitting with Last Rites. **Oversleeping Ghouls:** Activating Awakening in order to summon three Ghouls after creating a third grave will often result in only two Ghouls being raised, yet the third grave is consumed anyway. **Ghouls:** **Ghouls are loafing around:** Ghouls sometimes refuse to aggro onto Dragon if Yorick engages the Dragon via auto attack. **Dancing in the moonlight:** If you have two jungle camps aggrod at once, the ghouls will often refuse to aggro either and simply move back and forward between the two camps. **Of course there’s a Mordekaiser Bug:** Mordekaiser W is coded so that it only reduces healing from minions. Yorick’s Ghouls are not minions, so they essentially give him the healing from hitting a champion. Four Ghouls, the Maiden and Yorick will provide Mordekaiser with a 1140 +(180% AP) heal. **Legless Ghouls:** Probably the most frustrating Yorick bug, the Ghouls will refuse to leap to a target that has been E’d if they are summoned within a certain interval. They will be raised, have the ! (frenzied buff) appear above their head but simply won’t jump unless the ! is removed and reapplied. They still play the audio that is played when jumping to a target. [Example 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CwTqDc3t5k) [Example 2](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oQEFCI8Daw) **Flying High Ghouls:** Sometimes after the Ghouls have leaped to an E’d target, they will fly to space and be stuck there for a small period of time before falling down. This causes a loss of DPS as they cannot attack while on mars. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNBQ6--ClO0) (Note this bug is x10 more enjoyable while listening to Flyin high by zz'top.) **Hitting a Brick Wall:** If the Ghouls are attempting to leap to a target that is next to a wall (includes towers and inhibs), they will fall short and not land on the side of the wall that the target was on. The damage will still be dealt from their leap-attack. [Example](https://youtu.be/K_GDjBsICRw) **Frozen:** The Ghouls sometimes have an animation bug where they are dealing damage but the attack animation is not shown. This occurs after they have just jumped using Yorick E. **Purging Ghouls:** As the Ghouls are coded to die off a single auto attack, the Urgot match-up can be a nightmare since his W, despite it reducing the damage by a significant amount, is still considered an auto attack. Which means he can effectively kill four ghouls in an extremely fast span of time. **Culling the Maiden:** Similar to the Mordekaiser bug, Lucian’s ultimate is coded to deal 4x damage to enemy minions. Since Yorick’s Maiden and Ghouls are not champions, they are automatically coded as a minion apparently and so they die in extremely few bullets.1 **Q: Last Rites/Awakening** **Frozen Shovel:** Using Last Rites as an auto attack reset can sometimes lock Yorick out of attacking. (happens on other champions such as Trundle and Nasus) I don't have a video for this one as Yorick but Sirchez and Rottyron both have ones on other champions. [Example Trundle:](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqvS1ppF6G0) [Example Nasus:](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddC96ztrmxQ) **Delayed:** If your attack that is amplified by Last Rites is interrupted by the champion or target moving out of range, your attack will be cancelled and you will be unable to auto attack until your next standard auto attac1k is available. Your Last Rites is NOT consumed in this situation, the game simply treats Yorick as ‘having attacked’ and waits for his attack speed to refresh. **1 second Q cooldown:** Awakening: Yoricks Q is bugged when there is the ability to raise Ghouls. This has two effects: If you have Three or more graves available and cast awakening, it reduces the cooldown of Yorick Q again by Yorick’s cooldown reduction. Example: Consider having 20% cooldown reduction. Your Q should have a 3.2 second cooldown. If you cast awakening, it then reduces the cooldown again by 20% resulting in a 2.56 second cooldown on your next available Q. This can lead to Yorick having a 1.21s cooldown Q with 45% cooldown reduction, and a 1.44s cooldown with 40% cooldown reduction. [Example](https://youtu.be/PB7M9zXsuh0) As it has the effect of the above, Yorick’s Q cooldown animation in the HUD bar will be significantly inaccurate. **Smacking with a Crit:** Yorick Q for some odd reason deals one extra damage when you deal a critical strike. **W: Dark Procession** **Stuck in the wall:** If a champion attempts to use their auto attack reset ability on Yorick wall within a short time frame of their standard auto attack, it can disable their attack until the wall is destroyed. This was notably seen on Darius which was fixed in patch 8.4, but it occurs on many champions that have auto attack resetting abilities. **Scuttle...?** A weird mention is there are reports of your local neighborhood scuttle breaking out of Yorick walls, so much so they gain Kayns E ability then can go through any wall in the game. Weird mention but we have only seen it once on r/yorickmains **E: Mourning Mist** **Fail at your feet:** Yorick's E hitbox is sometimes smaller when casted closer to him. **Capped:** For some reason, Mourning Mist has a very strange interaction against epic monsters (Dragon and Baron). Unsure how it works entirely, but it will not deal reduced damage against them until they reach a significantly low health where it begins dealing reduced. Nowhere does it note there is a damage cap against monsters in the tooltip or wikipedia. Hey so I noticed you are looking hungry after reading this far and we have yet to cover the Maiden bugs, have some [[spaghetti]](https://i.imgur.com/hPeCD7R.jpg) **R: Eulogy of the isles** **Dumbest AI ever:** The Maiden of the Mist will often not recall with Yorick despite being outside the lane. This is the result of a a flaw in the coding that controls the Maiden where she is only coded to follow Yorick’s recall if she has attacked a jungle monster or champion outside of the lane that she was aggro’d in, and simply moving her outside of the lane will not suffice. A video explaining the bug as well as the different stages of the Maiden’s AI can be found [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3Q3TRjiUMc) **Maiden Won’t Port Either:** Similar to the above bug, she won’t teleport with Yorick either. **Problems Raising Children:** The maiden will sometimes not raise Ghouls from a dying monster/minion despite Yorick having less than four ghouls by his side. **Toxicity and Yorick:** The Maiden of the Mist will commonly refuse to attack champions nearby when Yorick has a DoT damage effect on him (eg Teemo E, Singed Q and touch of corruption from corrupting potion) **Isn't this a Syndra bug?:** Teammates get displayed the incorrect cooldown for Yorick's ultimate in the tab menu and on the hud with the green dot. The cooldown starts when Yorick casts it (for the green circle) not when maiden dies. (this bug starts a lot of toxicity in low tier games) **Perfect Execution:** When Yorick is executed by a tower and Maiden of the mist is out with correct timing the Maiden will not decay when yorick dies. It will decay to half health then follow down the lane until death, Maiden will not summon any ghouls near her until Yorick is alive as they just instantly die. [Example](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G4SztW5UP8) **Chilling with the Krugs:** If the maiden is summoned behind the Krugs, or blast coned over behind them, she will stay there until they are attacked and moved to make room for her to pass by (like the rift herald bug) Well its not quite the chapter book Mordekaiser's bug list is but Yoricks list is still pretty high, hell we are still figuring out more every day. I only figured out the Flying High ghouls bug happens on inhibs and towers an hour ago so thats a plus (I think)
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