[Gameplay] Sivir's Q does not proc twice at tip of skillshot. Also E needs tuning.

I have mained Sivir for almost 5 seasons of League and for sometime now, Sivir's kit has been acting very strange. First of all the fix Sivir's E where it breaks Thresh's chain was not working for a while. It has since been fixed. However, recently I've been playing Sivir and when I throw my Q, if it hits the enemy at the tip, It will occasionally only hit once. Now for the many seasons I've played her, It has always hit twice if you hit a champion at the tip of the skillshot. The mechanics of the skill shot should work this way but for some reason the hit box does not register on the way back like it used too. It should work just the same way as Ahri's Q but it doesn't. I think Sivir really needs this fix along with some attention to the spell shield. It seems buggy a lot less but I also feel Sivir's E might need some modernization. I would like to see that if she blocks a spell that it adds like .1 second spell invincibility. Alistar's EQ combo is a particular combo that is very frustrating. Even If you block it, you still get CCd. Another frustrating example is Xayah's E. Blocking one feather out of eight really makes Sivir's E underwhelming. I'm not really saying the spell is weak, It just performs unreliably in certain situations and I don't think making the spell reliable will really affect Sivir's power much, just make playing her feel better. However, for the love of God, please fix the Q. It is clearly not working as Intended. Thank you for your time (If you give this any time). - Schaibs

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