The reason why I uninstalled League

Since this last update, I can't play League, my match or doesn't loading and I just go to "reconnect" page or It is too slow and when I connect my team is voting remake. I tried 3 times to play. I played twice in windows 7, and after windows 10, you can see in the print my desktop clear. and I am bored to League since this new Client came, It's a fact now, League of Legends isn't a game for low computers as It was before. Sad, because I can't buy another PC and I really like to play League with my friends, but I just can't, before I was playing normal, 40 fps, so this new client came and my fps down to 20 and 10 on TF's... and now after this last update I can't even play. sad but the reality. Well... That's why I am uninstalling League of Legends, I can't play, because your game RIOT became un-played... thank you for everything League of Legends, I hope someday I can play again....
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