My own account is blocking me from transferring to EUW

Account Transfers came back online in 9.7, I've been waiting a while for them to come back so I was pretty excited when I started up the client this morning and saw there wasn't any '!' button to indicate an issue. I logged on, checked the account transfer area of the shop and thought 'sweet, I'll transfer over now' (I made my account on EUW and transferred to NA last year, I decided recently to transfer back to EUW to resolve some growing ping issues [I'm from the UK]) I bought my $20 of RP, went to transfer and suddenly I get an error, that my username is taken and I'll have to change my Username to transfer, BEFORE YOU TELL ME; I already know that if a new account is made on the server you transferred from with the account name you had you have to change your username before you can transfer back over, I thought it would be pretty odd since the username I use 'Hexeronic' is unique and I came up with it ages ago and now use it for most games. Anyway I thought I'd check to make sure a new account hadn't been made since I left the server with my username, so I hopped on and typed it in, a level 47 Account pops up with the name, the only thing that's a problem with this is that it's my account, from BEFORE I moved server, it's got the Lunar Empress Lux icon I was using at the time and had no match data on Just to triple check I hopped on a second EUW Account I have that I use to play with UK friends while my account is on NA and typed in my username into the add friend box, I viewed the profile and it is 100% my old account, the weirdest thing is that it has my match history from the games I've played TODAY on my NA account. So basically I'm wondering if theres a way around this, since I don't want to change my username and the only reason I can't keep it is because my own account from before I transferred is in the way?? Has anyone else had this problem in the past? If so what did you do? (I've also submitted a support ticket about this and I'm waiting for a response)

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