Launcher League of Legends não abre!
Estou com esse problema e não sei como resolver! Já tentei abrir no diretório da última atualização, finalizei processos e serviços, passei anti-vírus no PC, usei a ferramenta hextec repair, até cheguei a formata-lo, nada resolve! O jogo simplesmente fica parado nessa logo pra sempre, e o windows avisa que parou de responder se clico nela!
I have not been able to enter the game for more than a month. I'm with this problem and I don't t know how to solve it! I finalized processes and services, I passed anti-virus in the PC, the antivirus is not the problem, I used the tool hextec repair, until I formated everything, nothing is solved. The game simply stays in that logo forever, and the windows warns that "it stopped responding" if I click on it! I can only enter the game by reinstalling everything from 0! (and sometimes it's not like that) I reinstall the LOL, and it takes a long time, the lol enters but after leaving, the icon of League Of Legends appears, just that, i can't access to the launcher. Any solution? It just does not start again, it does not even enter the launcher, I want to play again. The game is like in the video link (so sorry, I don't speak english very well, I expect that you can understand this) THE PROBLEM IS LIKE THE VIDEO...

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