Syndra Scatter the Weak not stunning opponent currently using health pot [Gameplay]

On Summoner's Rift if an opponent is using a health pot and Syndra casts Scatter the Weak on a Dark Sphere to stun the opponent, the stun does not proc. I have had this happen time and time again for many patches now but with the recent Syndra E width changes, I could not narrow down specifically why until now. Every time I have seen this occur is when the opponent is under their tower while using a potion. I am not sure if the damage was applied or not because it always baffles me why the stun did not proc. I can replicate this every time in a custom game with bots as long as I can get the bot to use a health pot. I feel this is a critical bug for any Syndra player because it can often lead to a missed First Blood or what would have been Syndra's first kill in the game. Looking forward to a fix!

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