A bug with the Lunar Revel shop :/

I had opened up the Lunar Revel shop yesterday to see five skins, two of which I thought of getting, Royal Guard Fiora (decided against it) and Pool Party Graves. I decided to sit on it for a day, and I logged in today after decided I really wanted to get the Graves skin. Sadly, when I logged in, the two tiles for them had been reset. I sorta panicked when I saw that, and when I opened them back up, I got a Fiora and Graves skin in the same spots I had before, but it was Nightraven Fiora and Mafia Graves. Is there any chance of me getting that half priced Poolparty Graves without having to wait for it to go on sale sometime? D: tl;dr: Skins changed in the Lunar Revel, and I want one that was there yesterday.
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