@Riot Illaoi overlapping Tentacles dont do full damage

TL;DR Someone found out overlapping tentacles (active and Q) are not doing full damage with no tooltips or information on it. Verified with tests. Bug or intended with no tooltip? Tentacles after the first do 50% damage. It was recently brought up on the Illaoi Wiki that they noticed a damage reduction for overlapping tentacles. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Illaoi?cb=6767 a fellow wiki user did a test and posted results here https://www.reddit.com/r/Illaoi/comments/4esrt9/found_a_post_claiming_multiple_tentacles_do/d231gjx And i did another test earlier and received the same damage reduction on overlapping tentacles (includes active tentacles and Q) I searched around, there is no tool tip in game, the wiki edits have not mentioned it, and the champion spotlight video didn&#039;t mention anything. **Is this a bug or was this intended and why is it _NOT_ mentioned anywhere i looked.** ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- I made a video. however i've never recorded before and my sound wasn't wanting to be compatible so i had to type everything in the video (sorry guys!). But yea, sorry for the bad video. xD I did tests with my friend as kindred no runes/masteries. Illaoi AD was 60 Kindred Armor was 27 (for a 21% reduction) Illaoi's Tentacles should deal 82 damage each as shown on the Q. Her W will do 81 damage. Totals at 163. This means 1 tentacle and W should be 128.77 damage after armor Kindred has 540 health at lvl 1 and should be left at 411.23 health. <result was 414ish hp> Now for 2 tentacles and a W. This should result in 193.55 damage after armor. Making Kindred's HP 346.45 from 540. <result was 380ish hp> And finally 3 tentacles and her W which should be 258.33 damage after armor. Resulting in her HP being 281.67 <result was about 366ish hp> https://youtu.be/mWWv4DltoBQ

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