Tahm kench ultimate camera bug

Earlier this morning i encountered a bug in a ranked game that litteraly lost us the game. I joined in on tahm kench's ultimate to go towards a teamfight, and upon leaving the ultimate my screen was locked on fixed camera mode. 1. The sudden unwanted change toward locked camere in the middle of the teamfight is very unexpected & unsettling, consequently it is very hard to do anything. 2. The lock camera option toggle button was unresponsive, i was forced to exit and reconnect to the game, resulting in the opponent getting a free baron. The bug: - I was playing as viktor mid in the new ranked que system together with tahm kench top - I joined in on his ultimate from the bush that curves around the corner towards midlane (the bush in the middle between blue, midlane and deathbrush). - We arrived at the middle of the midlane between tier 1 and 2 turrets of the opponent, and from that moment on i was in fixed camera mode, until i reconnected a few minutes later.
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