Fighting my computer more than the enemy team

The last month or two I've been playing with a delay when ever i play a game of league. it's very annoying because my frames are fine as is my internet connection (usually around 48) and frames are usually at 200-300 at the lowest. also some games i play are totally fine but i'd say 70% of my games have the issue the entire game. the "lag" can best be described as it either takes 1-3 seconds to process one command even if it's as simple as going to cs a minion or use one ability. Sometimes the 1-3 second delay makes it so that the last command i put in just gets forgot and i just stand there or i'm stuck moving in one direction that i wanted to go in a second ago but then i can't move anymore so i just walk into the enemy and basically give them free harass or a kill. I've already made a bunch of posts about this and only gotten replies on one. the few replies i got said to check my drivers and make sure i don't have any big computer updates. so last night i did all of that. my drivers were fine. I checked to update my display adapters which were at the most up to date possible option already. is there something else in my drivers i should update? i'm still new to having a pc. I've only had this pc for 9 or so months so that's another thing to note, the computer i'm using is new and i haven't had this problem before or any problems up until now. i'm using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB as the display adapter. I was told by someone to try unplugging my mouse and keyboard after my computer was shut down. i tired that and it didn't really do anything. they also threw in the idea of completely cleaning out my computer and doing a factory restart. but i reallly realllly don't want to do that. anyways i also checked to see if there was any big update i was missing which i wasn't but later last night i got a notification saying a new one had just come. i did it and tried a game this morning and the delay was still there. any help would be really appreciated. it's incredibly aggravating loading in to a game and seeing everything in real time but having a lag that isn't clearly affected by internet.

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