Aram connections are fine but ranked is strictly not allowed here

Recently i've been hit by a shit storm of games where i can't connect for some reason. in the loading screen for ranked summoners rift i either get 100% loaded in but still get notified that i've been "disconnected" or some shitty glitch happens and bug splat comes up and i get booted and can't connect either in time or i keep getting disconnected. but when i que up for aram i load in perfectly fine. it's super annoying and i hate it. i want to play ranked not aram. i use an older macbook pro to play league but i've never had recurring issues until now. and i've checked my internet with the link that pops up after getting penalized and it said my internet was great. 94/100 so i don't know what to do. i think it's the servers but hey what do i know.

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