Ezreal giving vocal warnings when certain champions are near

So this bug saved me a couple of times from ganks even though I didn't have any wards. Ezreal {{champion:81}} usually says something upon meeting a certain type of champion in game, however, it seems there is a bug, and he doesn't actually need to see the champion, he just needs to be in near proximity to him. In one instance, I was laning against Braum{{champion:201}} and Jhin{{champion:202}} , but suddenly Ezreal said something like: "Vastaya..." now being a slight lore freak, I clicked tab and saw their jungler was Rengar{{champion:107}} , I did a long range ward and he was in fact in the lane hiding in the bush. This happened a couple of times, and without error there was always a gank incoming...so I feel like you are giving lore freaks a hack that they shouldn't have ^^
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