Darius passive and Q?

Hey guys today I played a game against a darius top lane as illaoi. I died pretty easily to him and the thing is that his Q seemed to always give him two stacks on his passive. As far as i can remember i thought his q only applied ONE stack when you hit an enemy with the blade and zero if enemy were hit by the handle part. But i would get hit my his q and two stacks of his passive would appear then he would just do the rest of his combo to kill me. And let me just say i'm not complaining about his damage or how OP he is i'm just concerned that his q has a bug giving him two stacks because i looked at his wiki and his video for his ability and it only shows darius gaining one stack of hemorrhage not two. Please let me know if you guys have seen this or if i'm wrong about how his q and passive work. Thanks.

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