[How To] You are now able to toggle between Bilgewater music and Updated SRU music!

{{item:3070}} ** EDIT ** Hello Summoners! ^_^v The Bilgewater Event has come to an end, and thusly the music has sailed off into the sunset. The Theme Music option will still say Bilgewater until the next patch, but it will play Classic SR Music. If you want to listen to Updated SRU music, please remember to switch your Theme Music from Bilgewater to Updated. :) If you have any issues, please comment! ** /EDIT **{{item:3070}} Ahoy, Summoners! We have temporarily added the ability to toggle between Updated Summoner's Rift music and Bilgewater music on SRU. This option has temporarily replaced the ability to enable "Classic" music. Summoner's Rift Games will currently default to using "Updated" music, however you can switch it to Bilgewater music by navigating to the Sound section in the Options menu, and selecting the Theme Music as "Bilgewater". * You may have some difficulty enabling the Bilgewater Theme to due a current bug with the HUD. To enable it easily, you will need to open the drop down, hover over it with your cursor, and use the Mouse Wheel (middle button/scroll button) to scroll down and select the Bilgewater option. There are some bugs you may notice with the music currently. Notably: * When switching from Bilgewater Music to Updated Music, the Updated Music may play over itself twice. This bug actually existed with the Classic music option too, but we did not uncover it until recently due to the low frequency of players switching between music. We are investigating a fix for that to be deployed in 5.15 :) This won't occur with the Bilgewater track, only with the Updated track. * You may notice the Victory/Defeat music is still Bilgewater music, even though you have set your option to Updated music. This should only occur at the End of Game Victory/Defeat banner. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment! EDIT: Just as a note, you will only experience the toggle in Matchmade games on Summoner's Rift. The Bilgewater music is not activated for Custom SR games, or games on any other Maps (besides Butcher's Bridge).
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