Casting/Canceling spells with left/right click BUGGED

A spell I&#039;d like you to use as an example while reading my explanation. - Morgana&#039;s Q - Dark Binding I&#039;ve never had this issue before, I used to do this a lot whenever I changed my mind; whether I wanted to cast my spell or cancel it. Before, I used to hold my spells by holding my left click ... if I decided NOT to let go (cast) of my spell, I&#039;d just right click my mouse while still holding left, and then the spell would be canceled. Now it seems different, whenever I decided to NOT let go (right click) of my "on hold" spell, the spell wouldn&#039;t be cancelled, but instead! it will let go of it self (it&#039;s like I casted the spell with left click WHICH I didn't and never planned to cast it) Clarification [just in case you guys are getting confused with the clicks I'm talking about] Left Click - to cast a spell Right Click - to move from place to another On Hold Left Click - about to cast a spell but you&#039;re holding it for right timing Right Click while Left click is on hold - to NOT let go of the spell (cancel it) <--- this is the problem, this no longer functions, now it just lets go of the spell Reading this seems like it doesn&#039;t make sense, but hey! I tried my best to explain my issue.

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