Jinx E Bug with jumping champions! [GAMEPLAY]

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Hey Riot, So I recently experienced a bug with an interaction between Jax and Jinx. It may be caused by jinx's new E update (e.g. the one where people ACTUALLY get rooted where they were rooting happens ((WHY ISN'T ALL CC LIKE THIS!?)). However, there seems to be a bug , where jumping over jinx E will still root you in air. Thus, the 3rd dimension in the game does not apply in this case, whereas it does in other cases. In this case, I (Jax) started using Dodge and then wanting to JUMP OVER jinx's traps on the ground (well aware they were there), so I could stun her. Instead, I get rooted by her traps MID AIR, even though the traps are CLEARLY on the ground and Jax is CLEARLY in air. I've linked an album with various pictures of the incident occurring. I have also clipped it from the Replays if any1 needs that. Hope this helps! PS. If it is intended, I think we should have a serious talk about why and how things as this is ruining gameplay and how it's actually a major gameflaw! EDIT: Added Video; https://streamable.com/oikz5
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