[GAMEPLAY] [VIDEO] Double Kayn ult

Uploaded by Adsolution on 2018-06-04.
I actually posted this a long time ago, but it was in the wrong section and never got moved, so I'll just repost it since it's kinda cool. I died from an ignite while in my ult, got revived by GA, and I was able to use it immediately again on Master Yi. On the right you can see that it's on cooldown when I cast it again, but that could be a replay bug, since I noticed the replay HUD doesn't properly update summoner spell cooldowns when you surf around the timeline (essentially, I don't know if the cooldown reset when I died, got revived, or if casting it the first time never even put it on cooldown), but this glitch (and that great Lux ult) literally won us the game!

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