When i type i don't get to move

So first. if im not moving and am typing when i get done typing my character cant move or use abilities of any sort. Second. If i hit enter to type it will occasionally go into "/all" and if it does that at all... i cant move or use any abilities once again. I have to manually go to my desktop, click the league game button, hit exit, go back in, click "yes i would like to keep playing' and then resume. Sometimes i have to rinse and repeat this process. So yea you can imagine if its end game scenario and im typing to my team and it decides. "hey, you know how you need to NOT be in the middle of the jungle cuz if you die you lose the game?" yea well now youre stuck and the enemy team gets a free kill and hence end the game. FIX THIS RIOT. It is RUINING my game. Unplayable fix this issue

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