Even after fix, Donger does not work properly and no announcement has been made in the patch notes.

Hi, I see that you have fixed the duration on Heimerdinger's E stun and the W double cast bug. However, there are still several uncorrected problems. Here's a list: - Heimerdinger Q does NOT proc Rilai unless it is ulted - Heimerdinger Q does NOT proc aery, unless it is ulted. - I therefore suspect other runes might not work properly on him neither (electrocute used to proc if the ennemy got attack by 3 different turrets of Heimerdinger, to be verified) Since there is : -> no changes in the way runes proc in the patch notes -> no mention at all of Heimerdinger Q being unable to prock these two elements I would please ask if this is what was intended of a fix and if Heimerdinger will be reverted to normal. If these changes are intended to the way these elements proc, then logically they should have applied to Zyra's minions as well, which is _not the case_. Thank you for your time, a response would be highly appreciated. - Wolfeis ____ EDIT: After observation on the subreddit r/heimerdingerMains, I noticed the R-> Q apparently does not scale with AP anymore. This is also rather major. Q also has no description of it's damage and health. Dark Harvest no longer procs from Q. https://www.reddit.com/r/HeimerdingerMains/comments/a3q7av/heimys_e_is_no_longer_broken/
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