[Gameplay] In game shop button/hotkey do not work.

I installed the LOL client today on my brother's PC. Two games were played with no issues. In the third game, the in game shop button and hotkey (p) were extending the character information panel (what c normally does) instead of opening the shop. No key or command I could find would open the shop at all. I restarted the client, did not fix the issue. I rebound the shop key, did not fix the issue. I replugged the keyboard, did not fix the issue. I ran the repair tool after the game was over, did not fix the issue. Now, the shop is just permanently un-openable in all games with all champions, (tested in customs) and so I cannot play any games of league of legends. I am going to re-install the game, but as I lost a ranked game due to this bug, I felt that it needed to be reported. Computer is running Windows 10, I was playing the silver Morgana chroma when the bug first occurred but I checked two other champions in a custom after that game ended to see if it was a permanent bug and they all had the same problem.
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