[GAMEPLAY] Lissandra's ultimate self-cast healing per interval is bugged

Lissandra`s ultimate self-cast healing per interval is bugged and will sometimes for a result have additional healing interval added on top of the base healing. From the observed, in 2.5s that Lissandra is healing she will heal every 0.25s 10 times in a row for the total amount of healing. The amount of healing you get per individual interval is added as a bugged value on top of total healing. Steps to reproduce the bug: 1. Use Lissandra Ultimate couple times in a row in a Practice tool game or any other game mode 2. There will sometimes be 10 sometimes 11 healing intervals Can happen easily in a regular game since the bug seems to be connected to update cycles or similar? Video examples: On the videos, Lissandra has 100 AP and rank 1 ultimate which she casts at around ~211HP for consistency Bugged healing interval with total healing ranging from 211 to 482 [Lissandra ultimate bugged](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nVNo-FudDJCQzwyVNoXVA7hbXrnWNpYx/view) Default healing interval with total healing ranging from 211 to 457 [Lissandra ultimate default](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c6mX-zMj8sTKHJNtjncTRwnoBkzhFIqc/view) --------------------------------------------------------- **ADDITIONAL DETAILS/CALCUALTIONS** Lissandra level 11 with 100 AP at 211HP [1340.52 shows as 1341 [1281.4 + 59.12] max HP -> ~15.74..% is left -> ~84.26% scaling multiplier before casting Ultimate 100 + 30 + 84.26 + 25.278 = 239.538 Ticking healing in 10 intervals for 23.9538HP ranging from +24HP to +25HP To this we add 5.9HP of self regeneration since Lissandra has 11.8 health regen at level 11 -> 1.18HP per 0.5s Total healing should be: 239.538 + 5.9 = 245.438 211 + 254.265 = 456.438 rounded as 457 But since we sometimes get the value of 482 to the previous value we add the following: 456.438 + 23.9538 [additional healing interval] + 1.18 [0.5s maybe passed for another regeneration cycle?] = 481.5718 rounded as 482

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