I can't join games

Ever since about 2 patches ago I and a few people I know keep having this bug where we essentially get stuck in the loading screen. As I leave champion select sometimes I will load to 100% and then never join the game. It is incredibly frustrating, I have low priority queue because of this and I have barely dodged any games in the past. I have tried reinstalling twice and have no idea how to go from here. This bug is actually so incredibly frustrating and sometimes will make me unable to connect for so long my team remakes without me, I hate that I'm unable to do anything about it and I hate that I have 6-10 low priority queues for something that is entirely out of my control. Until the bug gets fixed//I lose low priority queues I'm going to stop playing entirely, if anyone else has been having this bug PLEASE let me know because I really do not understand why this is happening.
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