Account has been hacked

I've been playing on an account that used to be smurf, but now is my main account for over a year now. I've put hundred of dollars and hundred of hours in this account. Now when I tried to log in about 3 or 4 days ago, it said the password was incorrect. I tried everything, and end up with the conclusion that the password was changed. I don't have access to the email anymore, since it was a really old email, I can't log back in this account since I either forgot password or it was hacked. Lastly, nobody connected to my account since it was changed. I look frequently to see if anybody log in, and it was always offline. I don't know what to do, who can help me. This account I'm writting with right now is my current smurf. Please, I need help to get out of this situation. Edit: Never mind, he actually played on my account(forgot to refresh opgg). He changed the name "etchedchampion" to "Herr Kriegsmann" My last game was Lucian and the nunu and rammus one isnt me. This guy just stole my entire account. Edit 2: He changed the name with my tons of rp I had, and I don't know what he want to do with this account, does he want to sell it or try to get banned, but this has to stop. Edit 3: Ok, I heard that some people got there account banned because someone took they're account and start he inted on his account and when he found out that someone played on his it was too late, please someone help before too late. He changed my name for somekind of germany thing, I hope it's not something nazi. My last game was Lucian on etchedchampion, and look how the last few games are, it's horrible:
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