Alright I am just going to throw this one out here. All of us lowly garbage who aren't pros experience quite a lot of AFKs in our ranked adventures. I know because of our low ranks we are therefore low standing among the community and Riot doesn't care much about us; however, we do not like to have AFKs in our games. Due to the rather significant increase in loss percentages, I dare say nearly 99%, while an AFK is on your team, it would be nice in some way to receive remuneration in the form of not losing LP... Now I have been told that chance puts an equal opportunity for AFKs on your team as well as on the enemies team. There are two rather glaring problems with using that as an excuse to. A). not really punish AFKs (which to be honest I don't care all that much if they get punished at all as long as I don't lose LP for their AFK making me lose a game) and B). Not reimbursing our loss of LP. Those problems are: Because chance is not a guarantee, you may see far far more AFKs on your own team rather than on the enemies team over the course of hundreds of games; and, what if you get an AFK in a promo? It doesn't matter if you see an AFK on the enemy team later, you still lost a promo. Which is bothersome. Basically I am asking for a good reason as to why Riot doesn't simply make the team with the AFK just not lose LP. I understand that once in awhile real life gets in the way of a game and therefore you can't punish all AFKs too harshly, but why do the rest of us get punished? On every complaint that I have seen on the boards so far about AFKs, Riot doesn't answer. I have been told that because the games that AFKs are most often present in are lower ranked games that no one will ever spectate, and that AFKs are not usually enough to make someone quit playing league, that there is no monetary loss to Riot of any significance. Is that why rioters don't comment on these complaints? I mean some of us are getting an AFK that causes a loss every 5 to 10 games. I think that deserves someone from Riot saying "hey, we are working on it" at the very least. At this point I would be really happy with just a reduction in loss of LP from having a AFK.

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