Leavebuster makes me indefnitely banned, "banned with a twist"

I went into a game and my computer decided to make a computer update just as I got into the loading screen. Therefore my computer restarted and updated. I then got a leavebuster at 5 mins in 4 games ahead, but my client keeps saying: "trying to reconnect" every 2-minute average. I have to wait 5minutes before going into queue, so I cant go into queue because of the trying to reconnect. Then I go into queue, but have to wait 5 minutes before. 2 minutes go by and I have to start the waiting time again and that's pretty much how it keeps going on and on. I waited, trying to get into queue for 3 hours recently but I just kept trying to reconnect every 2 minutes. Please help me there's nothing I can do, I am "indefinitely banned" from league of legends because of this. My account name is: DatBoixxxxxIvern I have checked my internet and it is fine, this is a problem that makes no sense.

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