Game patching(1GB+ Patch) after clicking Region options.

So uh.. I was logging in and accidentally changed my region to... Latin America North maybe? I'm not sure, but I didn't log in to the server either way. I changed it right back to North America, where I've always played, and logged in. My game is now patching over 1 gig worth of files(It wasn't patching before this, I had literally just dodged a queue and was logging back in), and I have no idea why. Did it spontaneously delete over 1 GB worth of game files by simply changing the region and now has to download them again or something? I don't have a ton of hard drive space on my computer and literally had to remove some other files to be sure I had the extra space(I always like to have 10GB+ free), and I now have to wait over an hour for it to download(Rural Wisconsin Internet. Yay.) before I can play, all because I accidentally changed my region for all of 10 seconds? This has to be some form of bug, right? There's absolutely no viable reason that it should need to download 1200 MB worth of files simply because I accidentally hit the region selection menu..
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