Client Bugged, help!

SO.... i finished a game of ranked but after the game the post-game stats wouldn't load, so i hit skip, when i went to start a new game it said there was an error and to restart my client before trying again, so thats what i did. when i logged back is without prompting or any notice it tried to load me into a game but it was just a black screen because a message pop'd up saying lost connecting to sever or something like that (i assume it was trying to reconnect me to the game i just finished) so i closed the window but when i did it only gives me a reconnect button but if i click it a black screen pops up with the same message. Ive tried restarting the client, my computer, my internet, i reported it. its been about 2 hours now and still the same thing is happening, anyone have any tips? dill nasty on my friends list is saying they have the same issue and we dont know what to do :( If anyone can give us a hand and vote this up so we can get help sooner it would be much appreciated thanks again llNumbersll {{champion:107}}
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