I was messing in TFT this morning, normals on NA. I had a 2 star Garen out and was working towards a YORDLE transition. At one point, I placed 1 star Poppy on the field to get the **2 Knight **bonus. It remained 1/2. I then took out garen and put in Darius with Poppy and it did not show any knights at all. So then I benched all knights and put Garen and Poppy back out. This time, it showed the proper **2/2 Knight** bonus. I let it go and continued playing. Later, I transitioned to full Yordles and noticed that I had **5/6 bonus** with 6 yordles on the board. so I benched all the units and put them back out. It then showed up correctly as **6/6 Yordles**. But then I got a 7th yordle out on the board and it showed **5/7 Yordle** bonus. At this time I decided it was imperative that I take a screenshot to show you guys. I put it on IMGUR image hosting is the link: (
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