Intermediate bots does not allow some champions to be played

Hey there. So I got a friend into league. He really wanted to play Rakan so I gifted him the champion, he seems to be limited on where he can use Rakan though. He can use Rakan in custom games and beginner bots but when he tried to select Rakan in champ select for intermediate bots it tells him he does not own the champion or Rakan does not appear in his available champion pool. He's a new player, only lvl 12. But I don't think that would have anything to do with it, unless there is some sort of restriction on intermediate bots I don't know about. As I said he CAN select and use Rakan in custom games and beginner bots but not in intermediate bot games. Also, I just noticed that my champion select pool is missing champiosn as well when I select intermediate bots, and I own all champions in the game.
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