[GAMEPLAY] Nocturne Ult

Hello everyone I've been playing nocturne recently and have come to find out that while normally I can target people via the minimap with his Paranoia, If The enemy is recalling, they simply **become an invalid target via the minimap**. If I move my camera to the target and select them by clicking on the champion they _become a valid target_. Step #1 Activate Nocturne's Paranoia. Step #2 Reactivate Paranoia Using the minimap to select your target. Step #3 Then select target via clicking on their champion. For those of you that may say "Why not click the champion anyways?" I play with a fixed camera, now I hear. "Don't play with fixed camera." I rather enjoy playing with a fixed camera especially on nocturne because you can see when your about to hit them a lot clearer and shoot his Duskbringer before you hit them, giving you 55 Extra damage that scales the damage on your Umbra blades and Paranoia's 1.2 AD ratio.
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