A bit unfair

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Sooo i started a ranked solo/duo game with one of my friends we pick champs and we enter loading screen for some reason everyone is 100% and the game does not start, but only for me my friend entered the game and minions spawned (the loading circle in right corner was still spinning), any way i alt f4 the game and reconnect i go in lane win the lane back, farm up etc i did not feed or was afk for long time, anyway we end up winning the game pretty easy then i see that i lost LP for being afk like 4 min and coming back winning the lane so i see no reason to lose LP I only think this is stupid because i lost LP because some game issue and i know people that told me that they encountered the same situation when their game does not start for some random reason and end up losing LP or even the game cuz they were afk for to long
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