I Can't Even Play! [CRASH]

I went to play an ARAM this morning, rolled Poppy. Everything was going smoothly, and the loading screen was up. Our Gragas was stuck at 99%, our Corki at 66%. I thought at first maybe their internet/computers were slow, but that didn't explain how the enemy Xin Zhao still hadn't even connected, even after about 5 minutes. I restarted my game, and it had crashed. I reconnected, but then I wasn't able to chat or buy anything. I reconnected again and I was able to chat and buy, but after about 10 seconds of gameplay, the whole thing just froze. I'm trying to reconnect yet again and am stuck at 71%, so I'll try restarting my game again, but this is frustrating since it's the only game today I have time for, and I played like 5 games last night perfectly, no problems whatsoever. I don't have any screencaps or anything, but if someone else has been experiencing these problems too, feel free to chip in with your thoughts/posts/opinions. Thanks. UPDATE: I was able to join the game, just at the very last. Everyone thought it had to do with my internet not being good, or my computer being too slow - that isn't what the problem is. My internet connection is fine, I had other things running and I checked my connection, and it's running smoothly. I'm the only person using the internet right now so I know it can't be that it's getting slowed down due to lots of people being on it at once. What's more is that my computer isn't slow in the least, and it's in good shape. I take good care of it, there's no way it's my computer either. It's the game itself.
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