Not getting XP for games; can't reset First Win cause wins don't register.

Not gonna include a screenshot as well, mainly cause I'm already off the after match screen, but because as well I'm far from the only person with this problem it looks like currently. What really I'm here to point out mostly is how this is affecting my First Win and how I'm losing out on reset time now cause Riot still can't fix their game after 10 years of production. I won't bother asking about compensation; putting that word in when talking about Riot is almost literally impossible. I don't even think they know the word exists? Regardless though; more awareness means (hopefully) the sooner Rito actually does something about this (for once). The First Win is literally essential now'a days since Riot ruined their leveling/rewards system, not being able to get it in a timely manner is very detrimental.
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