[Gameplay] Urgot can WALK THRU DRAGON while using his Purge(W)

LoL Urgot walking thru Dragon during Purge
Urgot's Purge(W) explicitly says "urgot can walk over minions and non-epic monsters during this ability", yet he can apparently still phase thru the Dragon/Rift Herald/Elder Dragon, which are all epic monsters.
Urgot's W explicitly says "While using Purge, Urgot can walk over minions and non-epic monsters." ~~Last time I checked, Dragon/Rift Herald/Elder Dragon are all considered Epic monsters. Yet, Urgot can walk through all 3 of these while his Purge is active. Urgot cannot walk through Baron, so that part is working correctly.~~ All champions can walk thru the dragons while they are active/attacking, so that is not a bug. However, Urgot should not be able to walk thru the Rift Herald like this. This is Definitely A Bug.
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