[Gameplay] Cho'Gath Legendary Skins Ult SFX Bugs

Given Cho's minor moment of limelight in the most recent patch, it feels like a good time to bring this one back up. **TL;DR is Cho's legendary skins' custom SFX for his omnomnoming on ult cast don't work, and they both use his base skin SFX instead.** For the list of steps to reproduce, there's only one step so here it is: 1. Cast ult on either of his legendary skins and listen to the base SFX instead of the more Gentlemanly/Battlecasty ones. As a side effect of his recent changes, there is also the following bonus quirk that no longer makes sense: **Battlecast Cho still plays his custom lines for reaching maximum size at 6 stacks, despite his new max size being achieved at 10 stacks.**
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