Crashes Affecting Mac Users in 5.14

Hi everyone, We're currently looking into an issue that's causing crashes for Mac users with the 5.14 release. In order to get a better idea of who is being affected and how the issue is manifesting, we're asking for players who began experiencing this issue with the new release to provide the following information (thanks to those who have already provided this info, it helps us out a ton!): - OSX Version - CPU - GPU - Players who experience this are also reporting issues with the in-game item shop's textures. If you're seeing either of these problems, could you clarify whether you're experiencing shop texture issues, crashes, or both? Additionally, if you've seen this issue occur specifically in a ranked game with the old HUD, that'd be good to have insight on. Once more I'm very sorry for any trouble that this may cause! [UPDATE}: We have what we believe to be a fix for both the red textures in the shop and the in-game crashing, so if you're still seeing this issue after updating your client, please let us know and we'll continue to work on getting you back in the game.
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