[VISUAL] Visual bugs that appear on all of Thresh's skins with video evidence

I really want to bring attention to this because all of thresh's skins are broken and have been for a very long time. I love playing Thresh. I have over 3.1 million points on him. Having to see these bugs on all of his skins really sucks because I do not like looking at my champion's animations break There are quite a few visual bugs on Thresh that appeared quite some time ago, before the end of S4, and they have never been fixed or mentioned by anyone and as time goes on there are new skins released with the exact same bugs. Thresh has visual bugs on all of his skins. This sucks the most on Blood Moon and SSW Thresh because their animations totally bug out when he even collects a soul and so I don't even use those skins since they make those weird movements for most of the game when using Thresh's passive. His hair stops moving. one of his legs disappear, his back breaks and his auto attacks sort of just strike the air instead of what you are actually aimed at as well. As well as souls instantly disappearing 30% of the time, it is almost like these bugs were put there on purpose just to annoy people who pick thresh. This is a list of what all of his skins do while his passive animations are active: Base and Champ: The lantern will go ninety degrees when a soul is collected. This is even visible when looking at thresh's abilities on the client. It shows him collect a soul and the lantern goes ninety degrees during the whole animation. In the champ spotlight it shows how it was supposed to, and used to, work. This bug is also proudly showcased on the client when you look at Thresh's abilities and see his passive. The animations break there too. -Dark Star: His lantern will disappear when it his Yasuo's wall and not come back until he uses it again. When you die as Dark Star Thresh, your lantern will disappear until you use it again also. -SSW, Blood Moon, and High Noon: These skins will have all of their animations break completely when a soul is collected through the whole animation 100% of the time. It has been this way since around season 4. Blood Moon also used to have smoke effects on the W when it shielded but no longer does as well. On High Noon however, one of his legs will break, but still be doing the walking animation. In the videos below, specifically look at the hair and how his body moves while he walks and collects the souls. Thresh's body breaks and the hair stops moving. The lantern goes 90 degrees, and then when its over, he goes back to normal. That is how his animations are breaking every single time. Now watch that happen 100+ times in a game when you collect souls at every point in the game. **This is how his animations are supposed to work** https://youtu.be/Sv95nBi7ulQ?t=28 **This is how his animations break. These are skin spotlight videos too.** https://youtu.be/NH-l2XJnrD4?t=62 https://youtu.be/ez3Dw-GRovE?t=72 TLDR; Thresh's passive animations have been broken for a very long time and the bugs have only increased in number with each new skin released.

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