Possible Illaoi Q animation bug

Hi, not everytime, but every 4-5 spell, Q, I after i Press Q, Illaoi just stays still, and I see the animation completed, it's kind of like lag, but it's not lag, because it does land were i press, I just don't see the entire animation. I thought it was my laptop, so i had windows 7, in nstalled windows 10, then i bought a new ssd drive, fresh formated, installed windows 8.1, the animation lag still persists, then someone told me, he had illaoi on aram, and had the exact same thing, that Q animation lag. So, I'm not 100% sure, that's why i`m writing here, if anyone else can confirm this, spam Q 5-10 times, see if there is an animation lag. Ty
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