Game freezes mid game

So this has happened on literally any computer I play on. I've constantly changed my computer parts and ever since I started playing league this issue has been a thing. Every month I will get into a game And randomly anywhere from 10min to 30min into the game it will freeze, the game music will continue to play and I am not able to Alt-Tab. I know this issue is a visual bug because I can open windows and click on them but cannot click where I want to because all I see is the frozen game. Windows doesnt let me open Task manager on my second monitor and i have no way of moving over So the only solution is random. sometimes I can Windows-Tab and create a new desktop and then open task manager, Sometimes I can't and have to restart. Sometimes I can click the windows icon on my second monitor which also brings up the taskbar on my main monitor allowing me to Windows-Tab. Overall this is a very annoying thing that should be fixed, I've seen other posts about this and this has happened to me for a while so This has yet to be fixed it seems. I cannot create a dmp Because it does not occur every time but If it does occur I will try to upload one here. Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated as having your game crash while running it down just makes me more tilted than I already was.

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