[GAMEPLAY] Kleptomancy Mana Potions instantly restore 50 mana without having Time-warp Tonic

On multiple occurrences of playing AD LeBlanc with Kleptomancy, when granted a mana potion from Klepto and using it, I instantly restore what seems to be 50 Mana instantly and then it continues with the rest of the duration. I've ran Cosmic Insight every single time, and have not used Timewarp Tonic once. Is this intentional? I feel like this is pretty strong to get that much mana back instantly without having Time-Warp Tonic. I just tried in Practice Tool and in normal games with multiple champions now. 1. Use Kleptomancy on any champion and don't run Time-Warp Tonic. 2. Get a mana potion from Kleptomancy proc 3. Consume the mana potion and instantly receive 50 mana, and then it proceeds to regenerate 100 mana over 10 seconds as stated on tooltip. Has worked for me every single time.

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