The game broke yesterday

So I was in ranked champ select and it wouldn't load past champ select but I wouldn't get the option to reconnect so I closed the game about 5 times trying to relog and it woulnd't load the loading screen still and they remade the game so I went into a custom to try to load it and it wouldn't go past select either so I uninstalled the game and that didn't work because it wouldn't update and I tried going to riots submit a request during the hours of the live chat option and there was no live chat option so I couldn't get immediate help so I sent in an email about my issue because I coulnd't update the game and reinstalling it doesn't help either and I couldn't download the hextech tool either for the entire day today so I gave up on trying to fix the issue after about 3 hours of trying to fix it and yes I disabled my fire wall and I allowed it through and I did all that jazz and it didn't work still so I went to bed. I woke up today to start trying to fix it again only to find the issue fixed it's self and to find that other people also had this issue but I havn't seen riot address it but the update that messed up my game was the new loading screen.
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