my game start in windowed mode every time i load the game client.

My current bug is this: The first time i'm logging into the lol client and im going ingame, when i load the match, it is always in windowed mode. Every first match is always resetting to windowed mode., I have to do video then borderless to keep the game in fullscreen borderless all this match. all other match are fine. I try all of this so far.: Fresh windows 10 install + fresh league of legends install Running lol into administrator mode Running lol not into administrator mode In game: switch to borderless then fullscreen apply, exit game, reload the client, same thing, back to windowed mode In game, alt+ enter, it put me into fullscreen mode, then i switched to borderless, exit game, reload the client, same thing, back to windowed mode No matter what i do, it always start my game in windowed mode instead of keeping the save in borderless mode. Is tehre a place where i can edit in file to stay in borderless mode

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