Neekos helath/manabar and lvl wont change for the enemy team

Server: EUW • Type of Bug: Visual In Game Bug • Description: As Anivia you cant see the current hp, mana and lvl from an enemy neeko. The bar is always the same lvl mana and hp, even if she levels up or gets hit. Talked to the Neeko after game,. She transformed into blitz and kha. enemy Team invaded our blue. • Video / Screenshot: Dont have one. • Steps to reproduce: Go into ranked. Enemy picks Neeko. you hit her and the dmg wont show. • Expected result: Enemys hp bar drops, or level rises. • Observed result: The enemy hp/mana bar / lvl above their head stays the same • Reproduction rate: Played only 1 time against neeko today, so 1/1 • System specs: Intel I5 7600K, Nvidea Geforce GTX 1070 , 16GB, HDD/SSD, The same got reported by another User on reddit. He even had ingame recordings of the bug. Reddit guy: Server: EUW -Type of Bug: Visual -Desciption: Neekos lvl has been displayed as lvl 1 for our whole team. You can't see her HP or mana unless they drop beneath the lvl 1 stats. Only way to observe Neekos actual lvl is with tab. Death does not fix the problem. Neekos ghost also is lvl1 but shows her actual health -Video: / Specs: High end PC. But it was on everyones screen so it most likely doesnt matte
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