[GAMEPLAY]Rengar Tiamat Animation Doesnt Work at all. Riot please look at here. IMPORTANT.

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First of all thanks for coming to my thread. Rengar has some bugs. And these bugs damage Rengar's gameplay. I will list Rengar Bugs Below (1)_First bug: Rengar Q animation doesnt play correctly(**actually nothing**) if you cast q and tiamat at the same time. **Here is Link of Bug: ** https://streamable.com/ba1tq **Solution**: _ Tiamat animation should be queued up while casting Q. (2)_Second Bug:_ Rengar Tiamat animation doesnt play mimic Q at all. **Here is comparison:** Old Rengar Tiamat animation: https://gph.is/2S2dmQo Current Rengar Tiamat animation: https://gph.is/2RXN8yp **_Solution_**: Just copy rengar q animation file if you can. **And this is why Rengar combo looks terrible.** _**I have combo comparison:**_ **Current Rengar combo looks like this:** https://streamable.com/evo03 **Old Rengar combo looks like this:** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cABxm9fnpzg (3)_Rengar W Run Animation_: Rengar W Run Animation doesnt play at all while rengar is running. **Here is an example of Old Rengar W run animation(you can clearly see there is no W Run animation other _Current Rengar Combo clip_(Between 0.11-0.14)**: https://streamable.com/8mhfy (4)**Rengar Q animation and tiamat animation isnt Exactly Same(It used to be same)**: _Rengar Q_: https://gph.is/2RqevvI _Rengar Tiamat Animation_: https://gph.is/2RqEKCb Thanks for Reading Riot please Fix These bugs. I dont enjoy Rengar anymore because of these bugs.
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